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The Best Gift December 2013


The best gift you can give yourself

Is yourself.

It matters not what others see

But how you perceive yourself to be


It seems easy for others to know

 What’s best

 However, no one asks them to live in your chest

You decide who or what gets cradled

To your breast


So re-gift yourself to a dawning year

Moreover, celebrate

The unique offerings you will bring

That no other can duplicate

It’s your life


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Approaching the New Year December 29 2013


Approaching the New Year with trepidation.

Perchance the 13 is unlucky even in years.

I peruse my diary.

More loss than gain

The final sum.


We did have glorious times.

A Europe trip, the brightest jewel.

A writing group encouraging

Mindfulness, a book written

The final tally.


We bring with us into the new,

Not a clean slate, but the leftovers of life


A friend with cancer, fighting,

A friend missing, foul play.

Nothing adds up.


Except for the friendships

born and renewed.

Family times cherished,

Engraved on our hearts

Forever multiplied.

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A Christmas Miracle December 2013

It is a miracle that I am ever ready for Christmas.

Although it is true that I have had 364 daysnevaeh tree
To prepare, I find myself as usual,
Checking my list,
 Wishing for more time at my disposal
I spent it frivolously, obviously,
Because I feel unready for the gathering
 of family and friends,
Presents not purchased, wrapped.
The faux turkey not baked, no snacks!
I suffer all the angst around me,
People drowning in their distress.
They have done the same.
Rushing to and fro, they seek a savior.
I recount 60 Christmas’s past in my favor.
 How perfectly I remember them as
Ready or not, they warmed my heart.
Troubles faded in the aura of goodwill
And cries of “good enough!” filled the air
Peace, Peace, Peace on Earth, we were there.
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Dec 05 2013 Ode to Nelson Mandela

nelson mandelaOde to Nelson Mandela
I cannot linger
When fair treatment falters
It’s warm embrace
I shiver in my oneness.

I cannot dwell on
Who defines greatness
But bask in the memory
That I have lived in it’s time.

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Ethos November 27 2013

Kamloops Aug 2012 033Today I am mindful of memories of warmer climes,
Warm breezes, cold lemonade and daisies.
I feel regret for things that no longer are
Or will be exactly so again.
As I focus on the memories, I press them to my heart
Crushing the sweet fragrance of their blooms and inhale

Photo: Val Letkeman

Enuoia ~ Discovering a beautiful Thing November 25 1013

I have discovered Eunoia.

Perhaps it has discovered me.

A beautiful well-minded word,

It’s hard to tell but,  it makes it’s Amazing Effort Involving Offering Understanding,

       And sometimes in love it Yields.

            *Every selected text blends when expressed excellently. (Example)


Book:Eunoia ~Canadian Author: Christian Bok

Spending Time November 24 2013

Wings_of_Time__One__by_selenartI wish I had realized earlier in life,
that I love spending time. I would have placed more value on it.
I would have spent it more efficiently,
I think.
Or perhaps  not.
I have soared on the wings of time.
I have also realized that I have let others
steal, waste and kill my time.
Less time left now to love.

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The Snowy Beast ~ November 22 2013

Snow beast

The snowy beast called Winter has returned.
  Rising from the snowdrifts, he shakes his furry mantle.
  Baring icy teeth at fearful frozen travelers, he smirks as
  they lament the demise of Summer and share tales of her glory around
  meager fires and hot chocolate with little marshmallows.

Art: Hontar~Deviantart

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Saudade, the melancholia remains. November 15 2013

Saudade, the melancholia remainsSaudade
after someone is gone.
Causing a sonorous emptiness,
melding emotions that overflow,
mindful of your voice,
your smile,
your warm embrace.
I long for what cannot be.