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~28 To CREATE~Day 5 February Hunted


I Hunted.

Stalked the aisles

Chased the stock clerk

Dogged the grocery stacker

Hounded the price checker

Trailed the lady with the over loaded cart

And two snotty kids.

Searched through the condiment shelves

Finally chasing down my quarry,

A splendid jar of creamy mayonnaise

Without which my life was flavorless

The hunt was over.


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Day 3 ~28 TO CREATE ~ Breathless


28 to Create 3: Breathing (breathless)

Is it February again already? Surely! Ready to post  for the first time …for the second year of 28 to Create! What IS 28 to Create, you may ask yourself. Well, I’ll be nice and give you a link so you can check it out!

It’s a daily prompt exercise extravaganza that is open to ANYONE who wants to do ANY form of art based on the prompts given! Give it a try! Get involved! Make some art!


    I had forgotten to breathe for a day or two.

 I had not missed my exhaling of breath,

 I was trapped in an ocean of task, riding the wave

 and yet~

 Only when I had surfaced did I catch the drift.

 Watching the foam recede, my emotions spent,

 Time had surged on, starfish in tow, floundering

 With regret~

 I inhaled deeply.

 Aware of the ocean’s greedy expanse,

 Waiting for the next big wave

 Another chance to be breathless….you bet.

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My Firstborn Turns 40. January 31, 2014


Is there no purer love than for my own newborn child?

Pushed from my loins,

Watching, listening for your first breath,

Your cry.

Your father was there, stoic,

He held my hand, as good men do.

Who felt the most awe?

My heart  felt swollen with emotion,

Hard labor satisfied.

But you were never mine.

You stayed long enough for your glossy wings to dry,

Then flew off into the sunlight.

Life does that.