No Illusions

I am under no illusion. Lately I have felt myself, The self I know…             Fading softly from view
The change is subtle,  my mirror reflects an image new.  Almost accusatory. How did we arrive so soon?

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Posted in 2013

Collecting Pain September 23 2013

I spent the day collecting pain.

Accumulating containers

as I journeyed through my day.

Lost love, and life

Broken dreams

Faded memories

Unresolved fears.

As I focused on the pain

That I had gathered

It overwhelmed.

The containers had started small

but grew in size to accommodate.


Unlike turning water into wine.

There is no celebration.

Art :Detail of a cat, Wedding at CanaImage

Autumn 2013



Lying down to sleep

Yawning seductively

Harvest complete



Her gilt straw blanket

Oh so snuggly

Around mossy feet



Vast Earth pillows against

Leaf loosening winds

Winter’s heartbeat.



Her loving mother arms

Around  belly burgeoning

With Spring’s birth seeds.