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My little Ledge August 8 2014 — August 9, 2014

My little Ledge August 8 2014

Holding hands
August 08 2014

I was sitting on my little ledge…
A portal to the day’s end… trying to veg… and I could hear…
if I strained my ear…
Just as clear… as if snuggling near… the sounds of night.

The cricket’s song…
the murmuring bird… tucked in tight…for the night,
Fireflies dazzling, what a sight…
but the peace and stillness that calmed my soul…made me whole…was the feel of your hand in mine…entwined… as we stared into the night…delight.

Art: Heather

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Scars April 04 2014 — April 5, 2014

Scars April 04 2014


One cannot travel through life devoid of scars.

Each nightly ritual reminds of stories past as you

Sluice away at the open wounds of the day.

I trace a silver line on the curve of my foot,

Conjuring up memories of hurried feet along train tracks,

The shortcut to home. Furtively listening for the train whistle

That would squeal on us, my brother and I hastened home.

In my haste, I stumbled on a broken beer bottle, flung negligently.

The gash was deep, he tore his shirt in strips and bound me safe.

I hobbled home. We laughed. My brother gave me the shirt off his back.

I retrace the silver line fondly.


Sometimes Life is Nothing But Hard March 15, 2014 — March 15, 2014

Sometimes Life is Nothing But Hard March 15, 2014


Sometimes it seems life is nothing but hard.

We battle our way,

Not always bravely~ through the days,

No end to issues that fray our mind.

Crippled, diminished, overwhelmingly maligned.


Like knitting unraveling where we’ve dropped a stitch,

So easy to toss, refusing to admit~ defeat.

Sagely we just keep following the pattern,

hoping it will look like the gift to others we envisioned

when we picked it.


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