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Just a Touch

Hope after Suicide

From long ago, her story is both gripping and miraculous. Is she a mom? It’s not known but in my imagination, I assume she is. As her story spills out from the pages of an ancient book we see her desperation in a life filled with stain, pain, and shame. In spite of hardships her faith never wavered. Although her life may not mirror mine or yours, her story reminds me to keep living in faith while my journey of grief continues.

Her story paints a picture of a woman without an identity, but I will give her one and call her Isabella. She built a life with her husband (I’ll call him Samuel) and their three beautiful sons who she was forced to watch grow up from afar. Why afar? Because her bleeding never stopped after the birth of her third child. Strangely, her womb failed to heal completely…

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Curiosity~ vcl

My little brother 
Drowned the cat
In my mother’s wash bucket
That’s a fact.

A kitten actually,
To see, he later said
If it would go to heaven
With God -then it wouldn’t be
Really dead.

Mother breathed
Into its nostrils
A panicked breath of life
That sudsy cat came back.

Scratching and biting
Hissing and snarling
We all agreed
That in his fright,

He had not
Seen God, or
What he had seen 
Did not convince him to stay
Much to our delight.

Our kitty looked like this 🤗

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You were built from the Stones🥀 RIP

You were built from the stones

No proof needed, open ended

But before you go off aimlessly

Wandering through the forests

Of sandalwood, and high places

I will take off my glasses

Watchful as a big cat

For the sound of footprints

Lest on too close sight, I miss this

Darling illusion, which struck fear and terror into me.

The art of losing is not too hard to master

I desired my dust to eventually mingle with yours

Anticipating the splash,

The forsaken cry ,  a rock skipped on water

Rippling, then smoothing the Holy surfaces

Knowing that I have left mine too late

Misjudged your frailties

What draws friends together

To never be alone forever.

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Small Stone 2014 – Day 24


"On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea"

Small Stone 2014

Fine winter drizzle
Gray cloak of clouds hover
In quiet slumber


© rgb for “On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea”, 2011 – 2014

January is the month of Mindful Writing: Small stones

Small Stones - 2014

What are small stones?

A small stone is a short piece of writing (any style) that precisely captures a fully-engaged moment for you. The process of discovering small stones is as significant as the finished creation. Searching for small stones encourages you to keep your senses on the “alive and alert” status. Involve yourself with a new set of eyes, ears, nose, mouth, fingers, feelings and mind. In short … OPEN, OPEN, OPEN!

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