A vigil Gazing at the night sky While

A vigil
Gazing at the night sky
While the trees sleep
Feeling the heartbeat of the earth
Savoring the gift of silence …
And occasional fire fly
Playing hard to get
With the stars.
All is right
In the moment.
                                                                                                             Artwork Samantha Weyant
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I rarely idle time away
But while waiting for a friend today
I settled on a bench~ in a children’s park

I watched the children screech and play
As they frolicked springtime hours away
And I envied them their freedom~ what a lark!

The sprinkler sprayed The swings swayed
As children struggled gamely~ to disembark

As I enviously surveyed the glad display
I observed another watcher meet my gaze
My humor mirrored hers~ an answering smirk!

For even though our childhood days
Were but a mist and gone away
In that shared smile~ the memories lurked.