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Stable Nazi-enabler Strikes Again!

Food for thought

Past the Isle of Dogs


Doesn’t this photo scream “presidential”?

I was also thinking it was the perfect deafening dog whistle photo for Trump. For one, it was posted on the same day the neo-Nazis are holding their much-advertised march in Washington. Since some bikers, but not all bikers, are popularly reputed to have racist inclinations, Trump can be viewed by neo-Nazis and other of his racist supporters as giving them an obvious wink and nod of approval while still retaining (very tenuously) plausible deniability (“Bikers for Trump racists!? More libtard fake news!”).

BUT look closely at the arm tattoo of this Biker for Trump. In case you don’t know, the symbol is the double S, stylized as twin lightning bolts, used as an emblem by Hitler’s paramilitary force the schultzstaffel. The organization held chief responsibility for carrying out The Holocaust.

This is beyond dog whistle. In essence, Trump just welcomed neo-Nazis to the White…

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