Posted in 2014

My Firstborn Turns 40. January 31, 2014


Is there no purer love than for my own newborn child?

Pushed from my loins,

Watching, listening for your first breath,

Your cry.

Your father was there, stoic,

He held my hand, as good men do.

Who felt the most awe?

My heart  felt swollen with emotion,

Hard labor satisfied.

But you were never mine.

You stayed long enough for your glossy wings to dry,

Then flew off into the sunlight.

Life does that.


A Wife, Mother, Grandmother with tons of experience in the arena called *Life* I love information, and endeavor to utilize it as practically as possible. I have worked as a Healthcare coordinator, HR Manager for over 26 yrs, and still employed (19 +years) as a Property Manager of a large complex (I joke that I’m the mayor of a small city). I have raised 4 children, one of whom (a daughter) ❤️has recently completed suicide,which has changed my life forever. I have 8 lovely grandchildren. I love to write poetry and short stories, cook, explore religious experiences and be in charge of stuff :)

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