I Lit a Candle. November 12 2013

I lit a candle.candle2
I cannot promise to dispel all the gloom
Of a world that weeps, mourning loved ones lost
through war or weather.
May that flame not be quenched
or purloined, but illuminate.
Vitalizing the dimmest corners of our planet home
by faithful servants fanning embers that
flicker into eternity.

Winter’s Woes & Joy November 2013

Winter’s woe

Snow fall

Dangerous driving

Slippery slopes

Scratchy mittens


Runny noses

Winter’s joy


Snow angels

Dangerous driving

Sleigh rides

Slippery slopes

frost Gerald Romaniuk

Toboggan hills

Scratchy mittens

Snow balls


Crackling fireplace

Runny noses

Hot cider.

May you enjoy a mindful winter season this year!

I Wish October 29 2013

star Robert ArnI wish to hold your hand and whisper goodness in your ear.
I wish to be the light at the end of your long dark tunnel.
I wish to be the star that you wish upon, making all your dreams come true.
But I am none of those.
I am just a frail friend who sees your pain.

Photo: Robert Arn

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Needed ~Discerners October 20 2013

Men through the ages
Engage us
In philosophical thought
Sages wrote pages
Enrage us
Questioning morals taught
Insightfully perspicacious
Save us
Musing with clear-headed thought.

No Illusions

I am under no illusion. Lately I have felt myself, The self I know…             Fading softly from view
The change is subtle,  my mirror reflects an image new.  Almost accusatory. How did we arrive so soon?

Photo: Amazing Photography


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Collecting Pain September 23 2013

I spent the day collecting pain.

Accumulating containers

as I journeyed through my day.

Lost love, and life

Broken dreams

Faded memories

Unresolved fears.

As I focused on the pain

That I had gathered

It overwhelmed.

The containers had started small

but grew in size to accommodate.


Unlike turning water into wine.

There is no celebration.

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