I long to sing of summer
And the brilliance new growth brings
I wish to walk the mossy paths…
Hear bubbly brooks of spring.

I dream of languid evenings
Of cozy drumming rain
Instead, I close my book, fight on my boots
And shovel the driveway again.

Enuoia ~ Discovering a beautiful Thing November 25 1013

I have discovered Eunoia.

Perhaps it has discovered me.

A beautiful well-minded word,

It’s hard to tell but,  it makes it’s Amazing Effort Involving Offering Understanding,

       And sometimes in love it Yields.

            *Every selected text blends when expressed excellently. (Example)


Book:Eunoia ~Canadian Author: Christian Bok

Spending Time November 24 2013

Wings_of_Time__One__by_selenartI wish I had realized earlier in life,
that I love spending time. I would have placed more value on it.
I would have spent it more efficiently,
I think.
Or perhaps  not.
I have soared on the wings of time.
I have also realized that I have let others
steal, waste and kill my time.
Less time left now to love.

I Lit a Candle. November 12 2013

I lit a candle.candle2
I cannot promise to dispel all the gloom
Of a world that weeps, mourning loved ones lost
through war or weather.
May that flame not be quenched
or purloined, but illuminate.
Vitalizing the dimmest corners of our planet home
by faithful servants fanning embers that
flicker into eternity.

Winter’s Woes & Joy November 2013

Winter’s woe

Snow fall

Dangerous driving

Slippery slopes

Scratchy mittens


Runny noses

Winter’s joy


Snow angels

Dangerous driving

Sleigh rides

Slippery slopes

frost Gerald Romaniuk

Toboggan hills

Scratchy mittens

Snow balls


Crackling fireplace

Runny noses

Hot cider.

May you enjoy a mindful winter season this year!