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I Adore January 14 2014


I adore snowflakes.

They tumble down,

slipping into the crevices

of my collar and pant legs,

to be shaken or stomped out

of hiding, as I enter the warmth

of home.

Perhaps they are so lonely or blue

that they are willing to melt away

on the mat before they achieve

the acceptance they seek.

The dog delightedly laps up their essence

from the parquet floor.

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Modern Day Slavery in Brick Kilns in India



Myself By T.V. Antony Raj


A century ago only 10% of India’s population lived in urban areas and now expected to increase to 40% by 2030.

The outcome of India’s economic growth has transformed small trading towns into bustling business centres with multinational enterprises, setting up factories, call centres, software development units, etc., eager to capitalize on high skill labour at low pay.

This stupendous metropolitan and rural boom need factories, offices, apartments, shopping malls, etc., constructed with bricks made of clay burnt in a kiln, as one of the needed primary building material. Bricks are used as filler materials for framework structures as well as to build load bearing structures.

Making the Brick

The process of making a brick has not changed over the centuries or across geographies. Traditionally the main steps followed to make a brick are:

1. Procuring the materials: Clay, the main…

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I long to sing of summer
And the brilliance new growth brings
I wish to walk the mossy paths…
Hear bubbly brooks of spring.

I dream of languid evenings
Of cozy drumming rain
Instead, I close my book, fight on my boots
And shovel the driveway again.