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We Wordle #01

We Write Poems


Welcome to WWP’s first wordle. A wordle is a tool on the Internet that creates a word cloud.

What we’re doing is to create a word list. From this word list you select the words to create a poem. Nicole’s idea of feeding our submitted prompted poems to a Word Counter (an Internet tool to pick out the most frequently occurring words in a body of text) triggered the idea of selecting three words each from poems submitted to our Thursday’s prompt to create a collaborative wordle.

Here is the word list compiled from poems submitted to Elizabeth’s Thursday prompt. Contributor’s name is given in parenthesis.

dreams, crowd, edge (Robin)
creation, motley, fabrics (Vivienne)
grouchy, giddy, wildflowers (Marian)
portal, antedilluvian, begetting (Denise)
sepia, fluid, voyeurs (Nicole)
wishes, cycle, beaming (Annell)
tail, tangled, shadow (Abby)
exultant, bowed, untrodden (Jules)
intoxicating, melancholy, stillness (Elizabeth)
sparsity, plough, wrinkles (Misky)
eats, coal, neon (Barbara)

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A Wife, Mother, Grandmother with tons of experience in the arena called *Life* I love information, and endeavor to utilize it as practically as possible. I have worked as a Healthcare coordinator, HR Manager for over 26 yrs, and still employed (19 +years) as a Property Manager of a large complex (I joke that I’m the mayor of a small city). I have raised 4 children, one of whom (a daughter) ❤️has recently completed suicide,which has changed my life forever. I have 8 lovely grandchildren. I love to write poetry and short stories, cook, explore religious experiences and be in charge of stuff :)

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