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May you have a fruitful and colorful year

Portraits of Wildflowers

Flameleaf Sumac Fruit and Colorful Leaves 0728

This morning’s post was all words, so here to balance the verbal with the visual is a photograph showing (yet again) a colorful flameleaf sumac, Rhus lanceolata, now with fruit prominent enough for you to see the details. As was true for some other photographs shown here recently, this one is from a thankfully undeveloped property behind Seton Northwest Hospital; the date was November 14, 2013.

© 2014 Steven Schwartzman

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A Wife, Mother, Grandmother with tons of experience in the arena called *Life* I love information, and endeavor to utilize it as practically as possible. I have worked as a Healthcare coordinator, HR Manager for over 26 yrs, and still employed (19 +years) as a Property Manager of a large complex (I joke that I’m the mayor of a small city). I have raised 4 children, one of whom (a daughter) ❤️has recently completed suicide,which has changed my life forever. I have 8 lovely grandchildren. I love to write poetry and short stories, cook, explore religious experiences and be in charge of stuff :)

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