July 19 2013 A World without Color ~ An Illusion?optical-illusion-in-grey-tones

If the World boasted no color, just various shades of grey
No azure blue of the ocean, or bluffs of swirly red clay
If houses would be crafted in grey stone, and the sun never did shine,
At least not in the mauve, pinkish hues, we watch for at sunset time.
Then, would the World be draped in sadness? Would M&Ms lose their thrill?
Would hatred have a foothold?  Or would we all live in Pleasantville.

For it causes me now to wonder, as I ponder a World more sublime
That without any green for envy, or blue for sadness inside
There would be no people of color, white, black, yellow or brown.
With no red to color them angry, no yellow to help oppressors keep down.
Or would nothing be different, is this World as good as it gets?

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