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Memory Stones 😍

In the dead of night I ponder

all my stones of awkward weight

Mentally skipping them o’r the water

of my mind’s achromatic lake.

Casting stones of dreams and wishes

skimming hopes and fears obscure

Tossing far across the tide line

stones I’ve gathered on the shore.

Sweet release I feel unburdened

As they sink down into the calm arcane

Yesterday’s stones are now a memory

I stoop and gather an untouched day .


Posted in 2013

Ethos November 27 2013

Kamloops Aug 2012 033Today I am mindful of memories of warmer climes,
Warm breezes, cold lemonade and daisies.
I feel regret for things that no longer are
Or will be exactly so again.
As I focus on the memories, I press them to my heart
Crushing the sweet fragrance of their blooms and inhale

Photo: Val Letkeman